This is Part 1 in a 50 Part Series exploring the Short-Term Rental Laws in the United States (one state at a time). If you’re an STR Host in Alaska, we join you to continue the conversation at Superhost.Club

The Great State of Alaska has a Property Rental FAQ page that provides business licensing information for Short-Term hosts. We’ll quickly summarize the basics:

We’ll take a quick look at the three largest cities in Alaska by population: Anchorage (290,000), Fairbanks (32,000), Juneau (31,000). No other city in Alaska has a population above 10,000.

Anchorage Short-Term Rental Laws

In 2016, Anchorage officials voted unanimously to require “Hosting Platforms” like Airbnb to collect and remit the city’s 12% room tax. It’s part of the city’s effort to regulate Short-Term Rentals of all kinds so long as the length of the stay is 30 days or less.

Operators who rent their properties exclusively on Airbnb don’t need to do much more, but everyone else – including Hosting Platforms, large operators, and small operators – must officially register their business with the Treasury Department (PDF).

Oddly enough if you’re an actual Bed & Breakfast there may be some additional restrictions.

Juneau Short-Term Rental Laws

Anchorage is the only city in Alaska that allows Airbnb to collect local city taxes on behalf of users. Juneau, for example, expect hosts to collect and remit tax payment themselves.

It seems that for the most part, Juneau and other cities in Alaska merely require short-term rental hosts to abide by the state of Alaska rental laws.

Fairbanks Short-Term Rental Laws

The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re running an Airbnb in Fairbanks Alaska is get a business license from the Fairbanks government website. They state that you’ll also need an Alaska State business license and questions regarding taxes should be directed to the Fairbanks Department of Finance.

We couldn’t find any additional restrictions, aside from tax collection, placed on short-term rentals.

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