Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Protocol Quiz

The world has changed with COVID-19 and potential guests will consider cleanliness now more than ever as they evaluate where to stay. Airbnb has implemented an “Enhanced Cleaning Protocol” to which Airbnb Hosts can commit; in return they’ll gain a special badge and preferential ranking- but first they’ll have to pass a quiz. Here are […]

Airbnb Monthly Stays: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Listings Now

If you’re an Airbnb Host that has been negatively affected by the Coronavirus, news flash: you are not special. The entire travel industry has been devastated. How quickly individual hosts are able to recover will depend on two main factors: How quickly they spot emerging opportunities that arise from these challenges How quickly they act […]

Airbnb Spam Surges as Scammers Target Desperate Hosts during COVID-19

Desperate times call for desperate measures and scammers smell blood in the Airbnb Hosting waters. In the face of mass cancellations, panic has swept across the STR community as hosts struggle to pay mortgages, rent, and other expenses. For scammers, it’s an opportunity to lure their prey into a trap while they’re most vulnerable. Here […]

11 Airbnb Hosting Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’re an Airbnb host, we feel your pain. Cancellations are through the roof and it seems like there is no end in sight. Whether you’ve got a mortgage to pay, you’re doing rental arbitrage, or you rent out a room in your house for extra cash- hosts are finding themselves between a rock and […]

4 Important Takeaways from Airbnb’s Apology to Hosts

It wasn’t long ago that life as an Airbnb Host was beautiful. We were all focused on improving our existing business, implementing strategies to help us be more efficient, pulling in 5-star reviews, and maximizing our profit through pricing strategies. How things have changed. To better understand where Airbnb might go from here it’s helpful to […]

San Diego shelves Airbnb Ban- but for how long?

In a surprise move, the State of California has decided to temporarily halt bill AB-1731 that would all but ban Short-Term Rentals in San Diego County’s coastal communities. The largest of them, of course, being the City of San Diego. Tasha Boerner Horvath, the assemblywoman responsible for the change in direction, stopped progress of the […]

25 Most Expensive Airbnb Luxe Properties in The World

Have you ever wanted to rent a private island with your friends? Or have a family reunion on a vineyard in Italy? You’re in luck: Airbnb just launched a new class of super-elite properties called Airbnb Luxe that showcases the best of the best of the best. Airbnb Luxe currently offers 2,000+ properties in 34 […]

What is Airbnb Luxe?

Did you just jump on Airbnb and notice a big advertisement for “Airbnb Luxe”? You’re not alone. The company has done a widespread launch of an elite class of Airbnb that trumps even their new “Airbnb Plus” certified properties. Airbnb Luxe is for properties where they, themselves, are destinations. Vineyard estates in wine country. Private […]

Arizona Short-Term Rental Laws

This is Part 3 in a 50 Part Series exploring the Short-Term Rental Laws in the United States (one state at a time). If you’re an STR Host in Arizona, we join you to continue the conversation at Superhost.Club Arizona is one of the few states that have passed Short-Term Rental laws on a state-wide […]

Alaska Short-Term Rental Laws

This is Part 1 in a 50 Part Series exploring the Short-Term Rental Laws in the United States (one state at a time). If you’re an STR Host in Alaska, we join you to continue the conversation at Superhost.Club The Great State of Alaska has a Property Rental FAQ page that provides business licensing information […]