This room-by-room product checklist for Airbnb Hosts will ensure you don’t forget a single thing in your property. From the basics to finishing touches it’s all right here.

Bedroom – The Bed

▢ Bed Frame▢ Mattress▢ Mattress Cover
▢ Pillows▢ Pillow Protectors▢ Pillow Covers
▢ Sheets▢ Comforter▢ Quilt

Bedroom – Furniture

▢ Night Tables▢ Dresser▢ Desk
▢ Chair or Bench▢ Vanity▢ Closet Space

Bedroom – Furnishings & Extras

▢ Hangers▢ Lamps▢ Trashcan
▢ Mirror▢ Shades/Curtain▢ Rug & Rug Pad
▢ Luggage Rack▢ Paintings▢ Plants
▢ Alarm Clock▢ Inflatable Beds

Bedroom – Luxuries

▢ Sound machine▢ Earplugs▢ Safe for valuables
▢ Robe▢ Slippers▢ Charging Station
▢ Smart Speaker▢ Night Light▢ Flash Light


▢ Bathtub or Shower▢ Toilet▢ Sink
▢ Mirror▢ Bath mat▢ Towel Set
▢ Shower Set▢ Shower Rod▢ Shower Curtain
▢ Curtain Rings▢ Shower Liner▢ Shower Caddy
▢ Dispenser▢ Trashcan▢ Plunger
▢ Trashcan▢ Plunger▢ First Aid Kit
▢ Hairdryer▢ Band Aids▢ Q-Tips
▢ Sun Tan Lotion▢ Shaving Cream▢ Fem Hygiene
▢ Hand soap▢ Toothpaste▢ Shampoo
▢ Conditioner▢ Body Soap▢ Hygiene Kit

Living Room

▢ Couch/Sofa▢ Sleeper Sofa▢ Chairs or Recliner
▢ Smart TV▢ TV Stand or Mount▢ Gaming System
▢ Coffee Table▢ End/Side Tables▢ Console Table
▢ Table Lamp▢ Floor Lamp▢ Rug
▢ Smart Speaker▢ Paintings▢ Plants
▢ Blanket▢ Coasters▢ Games
▢ Playing Cards▢ Books▢ Magazines

Kitchen – Appliances

▢ Refrigerator▢ Microwave▢ Stove or Hot Plate
▢ Oven▢ Dishwasher▢ Coffee Maker / Kettle
▢ Coffee Mugs▢ Coffee Filters▢ K-Cups / Coffee / Tea
▢ Sugar packets▢ Creamer / Milk▢ Dinnerware Set
▢ Silverware Set▢ Glassware Set▢ Utensil Set
▢ Knife Set▢ Cutting Board▢ Toaster
▢ Can Opener▢ Measuring Cups▢ Colander
▢ Veggie Peeler▢ Fruit Bowl▢ Salad Bowl
▢ Mixing Bowl▢ Wooden Spoons▢ Rice Cooker
▢ Oven Mitts▢ Pan Stand▢ Spoon Rest
▢ Wine Stopper▢ Food Storage▢ Cookware
▢ Bakeware▢ Skewers▢ Oil/Vinegar Holder
▢ Spices▢ Condiments▢ Cooking Essentials
▢ Bottle Opener▢ Wine Opener

Kitchen – Cleaning

▢ Dish Soap▢ Sponges▢ Paper Towels
▢ Garbage Can▢ Garbage Bags▢ Dish Detergent

Laundry Room & Cleaning

▢ Washer & Dryer▢ Detergent▢ Fabric Softener
▢ Ironing Board▢ Iron▢ Steamer
▢ Vacuum▢ Trashcan▢ Baking Soda
▢ White Vinegar▢ Oxyclean▢ Bleach
▢ Floor Cleaner▢ Microfibers▢ Hand Towels
▢ Broom▢ Dustpan▢ Mop
▢ Bucket▢ Spray Cleaner▢ Glass Cleaner

Smart Home

▢ Modem & Router▢ Smart Locks▢ Thermostats
▢ Doorbell Cam▢ Security Cam▢ Noise Detector
▢ Garage Opener▢ Smart Lights▢ Smart Speakers
▢ Charging Stations


▢ Smoke Detectors▢ CO2 Detectors▢ Fire Extinguisher
▢ First Aid Kits▢ House Guide▢ Emergency Card

Stay Connected

▢ Charging Stations▢ Power Strips▢ Night Lights
▢ Bulletin Board

Special Case – House Types

▢ City Home▢ Beach House▢ Lake House
▢ Ski House▢ Mountain HouseEtc…

Coming soon: click on the product name for advice on the best products to buy for each item on the checklist.