In a surprise move, the State of California has decided to temporarily halt bill AB-1731 that would all but ban Short-Term Rentals in San Diego County’s coastal communities. The largest of them, of course, being the City of San Diego.

Tasha Boerner Horvath, the assemblywoman responsible for the change in direction, stopped progress of the bill as it was gaining momentum through committee after committee. The Finance committee would have been next were the bill not abruptly pulled.

The bill’s sponsor noted the need to “get it right”, suggesting that passing (and then amending) a bill too quickly would do much more harm than good. This lends all likelihood to a STR bill (in some form) eventually passing, but it looks as though San Diego Airbnb laws have just luckily earned an overtime period.

If you’re a Short-Term Rental host in the San Diego area, now is the time to get involved- head over to Superhost.Club to organize and discuss.

Rob Jackson
Author: Rob Jackson

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